SINCE 1928

Evpatoria classic winery

One of the biggest wineries in Crimea.

1928 is considered to be a founding year of the winery, when on the basis of former wine cellars of Yufud Kokush  the first production facility of the future winery had been built.

Throughout the long years of its history, the winery achieved high level of development: it got all the required equipment, a strong team of high-class specialists that preserve the knowledge of the old and pass them to new generation; and a well-adjusted production process that corresponds to the modern market requirements.

More than 85 years

Company winemakers multiply the fame of Crimean and first of all, Evpatorian winemaking, which had been known since the times of Greek colonists, who were the first ones to appreciate the unique nature of Crimean soil (6-5th century B.C.). The discovered winery not far from the City is the oldest in Crimea and Western Europe serves as a proof.



Covers a complete cycle of wine production: from vineyard to bottle.

The divisions of production facility manage all the aspects of making, marketing and selling wine products:
– vine cultivation;
– wine production;
– distribution of own and partner trademarks.

The company has been one of top 5 manufacturers of Crimean peninsula for more than 10 years. The production facility was the first one to adapt modern aseptic packaging Tetra Pak Prisma, and currently is the leader in this segment.