Evpatoria Tamyanka

Table semisweet white wine
It is made from the European white grape varieties. The wine has a shining light straw colour. It has a memorable fruit aroma with gentle honey notes. The flavour is mild and balanced. It is easy drinkable wine, pertinent both at the festive table and a romantic seaside walk.

This wine pairs with fruits, desserts and white meat.

  • Grape color:


  • Sugar:

    30-40 g/dm³

  • Alcohol:

    9-11% vol.

  • Recommended serve t°:

    10-12 °C

  • Packing:

    Bottle 0,7 l

  • Trade mark:

Evpatoria TM

Grown and bottled in the Crimea

Evpatoria wine is the warmth of the Crimean sun. It is a slight whiff of sea breeze. This is a unique gift of nature…

The drink, born under the sky of Crimea pearl, the City of Evpatoria, has embodied a record number of sunny days – 250!

Evpatoria steppesare often compared with the famous terroirs in the south of France and Italy, and it has long been popular at home as one of the most environmentally friendly little corners of nature. The air carries the aroma of steppe grasses and power of sea, and the best vines grow up full of energy. Evpatoria justly called the Vineyard Country!

Evpatoria winemaking dates back to the sixth century BC, when the immigrants from Greece founded Kerkinitida settlement, now known as Evpatoria, on the banks of the Gulf of Karaite, and brought the wine-making culture to the Crimea and Europe.

Evpatoria Classic Winery is a worthy successor of the first Yevpatoriya winemakers’ glorious traditions. The winery started its business back in 1928 and now has reached the level of one of the largest wine producers in the Crimean Peninsula.

The Evpatoria TM wine has a ray of the Crimean sun inside, whispering of the sea and sensual aroma of fragrant herbs.

The true nature of romance lies in a glass of the Evpatoria TM wine – the power that controls all.

The range of products is designed in accordance with the brand philosophy – to give a sense of lightness, summer bliss, and anticipation of romantic adventures.

We offer a choice of dry and semi-sweet Crimean wines.

Additional Information

  • Grape color


  • Sugar

    30-40 g/dm³

  • Alcohol

    9-11% vol.

  • Recommended serve t°

    10-12 °C

  • Packing

    Bottle 0,7 l

  • Trade mark


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