Table dry white wine.
This wine is made from the Rhine Riesling grapes. It has a light straw colour. Its aroma is clear with grapefruit and green apple notes. The flavour is fresh and balanced with pleasant acidity and sweet honey finish.

Food pairing: white chicken meat, seafood, soft cheese (Feta).

  • Grape color:


  • Alcohol:

    10-12% vol.

  • Packing:

    Bottle 0,75 l

  • Trade mark:

    Golitsin Traditions

Golitsyn Traditions TM

is traditions of quality

Premium Wines Series of Еvpatoriya Classic Winery
It is a true example of wine art that absorbed the experience of several generations of Crimean winemakers. This wine is like a symphony of Bach – unfading classics – that never ceases to fascinate year after year.
The wine is made only from selected top-quality grapes grown on a specially designated area. The Crimean sun generously pours its warmth on berries, saturating them with energy, which we cherish in every drop of Еvpatoriya wines.
Golitsyn Traditions is a limited series inspired by the success of Lev Sergeevich Golitsyn, the father of Crimean winemaking. His work is an example for the Еvpatoriya winemakers. His traditions are a true landmark of the Crimean wine.
Golitsyn Traditions TM is traditions of quality.

Additional Information

  • Grape color


  • Alcohol

    10-12% vol.

  • Packing

    Bottle 0,75 l

  • Trade mark

    Golitsin Traditions


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