Lake Sasyk-Sivash

Unique eco-zone

The picturesque expanse of steppe Crimea near Evpatoria is a place of pristine nature, that empowers and rejuvenates. It is the land that graceful swans choose as home. Here lies unique lake Sasyk-Sivash which can be rightfully called Swan’s Land, since the swans have been here for centuries.

Natural treasure

of Swan's Land

Lake Sasyk-Sivash is the largest salt lake on the peninsula. The lake was formed on the place of a Black sea gulf.
Total surface area of the lake is 71 The depth in some places can reach 1,2 meter. In summer when burning sun evaporates the waters of the lake Sasyk-Sivash, the depth is reduced to mere half a meter and the concentration of salt is increased.
Waters of the lake have unique saline solution, which includes magnesium, calcium, iodine, chlorine, zinc, bromine, sodium and other elements.

Protected landscape area

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The lake of Sasyk-Sivash is located on the territory of the protected landscape reserve “Sasykskiy” and is a part of the natural riches of Crimean peninsula. The lake is a favorite place of nesting and wintering for birds. Among the variety of birds there are some endangered species such as Bewick’s Swan which are in the Red List of Russian Federation and Republic of Crimea. While passing by the lake, one can see the amazing view of graceful swan flocks.

Marwellous wine
of Swan's Land


Swans Land

Crimean treasure in a wine glass

Seemingly endless vineyards thrive around the lake. Juicy vine gratefully accepts beautiful surrounding nature of the area, which can be felt in every glass of grape wine that was made by Evpatoria wine makers. Our wine is an ode to the glitter of the sea, to the whisper of steppe grass, to the swipe of the wing. Unique harmony of Crimean nature is expressed in the harmony of aroma and taste of our wine.
By praising the nature of the region, we have created a stand-alone line of wine under the name of SWANS’ LAND. The trademark SWANS’ LAND unifies sophisticated modern style and centuries-old wine making traditions of Crimea.
Trademark SWANS’ LAND line includes four products: Sauvignon, Crimean Chardonnay , Saperavi, Crimean Cabernet Sauvignon.

The preference of unblended wine is not accidental. We give the consumers of TM SWANS’ LAND the opportunity to appreciate the unique taste and aroma, which are gained by the famous European grape varieties thanks to Evpatoria terroir.

Amazing bouquet

Swans Land

unique wine